A Letter to Professors

Hello Professors,
Welcome to Scholarch, an online database for student materials from classes you teach! Chances are you stumbled upon this page because you support, detest, or would like to learn more about this website. Either way, we are here to help you. But first, let us tell you a little about why we created Scholarch.

Scholarch is a website created by students, for students, to aid each other in their learning. The idea was conceived one day when a friend of ours was walking along campus worrying about a particularly difficult exam he had just taken. While walking back to his dorm, he bumped into two other students from his class who were also talking about the exam. One said, “Yeah, if I didn’t have those old tests to study from I would have definitely failed." The other student was quick to agree.

Scholarch is a dynamic test database that lives in the cloud, allowing all students equal access to study material from anywhere in the world. It is no secret that test repositories exist among exclusive social circles. Thus we believe that by sharing material on Scholarch, students can create a community of knowledge for the benefit of everyone, not just a select group of students. By making course materials public and accessible, students will have every possible advantage in learning course material.

Scholarch is not intended to be used in lieu of studying by students. It is simply another resource to ensure that students are at the peak of preparedness before entering an exam.

For this reason, we encourage professors to submit content to Scholarch rather than remove it. We want to work with you to make Scholarch the best place on the web for students to study. If you would like to work along with us (and even set up a teachers page), please email us and we would be happy to help you and your students.

However, if you would still like to remove your content, please follow the guidelines under our content removal page and we will quickly take down any materials that violates our terms of service.