About the Scholarch

In todays educational environment, not everyone plays on an even field. Sometimes lecture notes and textbooks are not enough to ensure that students are ready for exams, and student-run note repositories are rampant among various social circles. However, these are usually made available only to a select group of students, to the benefit of the few and the detriment of the many.

Scholarch is a new, innovative test repository that lives in the cloud, allowing you to access study material from anywhere, any time. The term "Scholarch" was a name given to the head of the Platonic Academy in Ancient Greece. The academy was exclusive, not open to the public; yet it did not charge fees for membership. In that sense, it was not even a "school" because there was little distinction between teachers and students, or even a formal curriculum.

We have built Scholarch upon these principles. Like the original Academy, we believe learning should begin with the students, not the professors. By sharing material on Scholarch, students create a community of knowledge that is not limited to the walls of the classroom. We believe that this collaborative atmosphere is ideal for learning, as it gives students every possible advantage in learning course material.

We have done our best to make Scholarch the learning tool we always wanted. Scholarch is a living, breathing community of students whose contributions make it a great place to study.

The Scholarch Team

How to use the Scholarch

Use the Scholarch's course content as a study aid -- a tool to help you understand course materials and professor expectations. Most people use the Scholarch by attending class, studying their lecture notes, and then using the Scholarch's expansive database of content to test themselves using old exams and quizzes or supplement their studying with the lecture notes of others.

Some people think using the Scholarch is cheating, but it's not . . . unless you plagarize. However, at some universities it is a violation of ethics codes to disseminate course materials and/or lecture notes. Be sure to check that your use of the Scholarch will not violate any law, regulation, or ethics code before downloading content.

Why use the Scholarch?

Free Access to Information: Students deserve more information about their college experience. And they deserve it all for free. The Scholarch is committed to providing students with as much information as we can about their professors, their classes, their university and their local resources. With greater and more current information, students can make more informed decisions about their college experience. Simply put, greater access to information allows students to exercise more control over their academic careers.

Additional Academic Material: In today's world, students should use the best materials on the web to enhance their learning. The textbook and materials provided by the professor should be only the beginning. The Scholarch is aggregating and organizing some of the best content available on the web (tests, lectures, instructional materials, etc.) and making it easy and free to access so that students may further enhance their learning experience. We choose only materials that students actually use and enjoy - nothing stuffy or boring!

A Simple User Interface: The Scholarch was created for students, by students. And we know what students need. When you are up at 3am the night before a test, you don't want exhaustive registration, signup fees, mistitled course content, and a fancy user interface that makes navigation more difficult. You want notes, and you want it fast! The Scholarch was created out in the open, for everyone to see. We allowed Emory students to contribute code and design ideas from an early stage to ensure the best fuctionality and usability possible. We do not have a bottom line, we don't have stock holders to appease. We are a group of students who just want to help you out.